The very first newsletter!

December 17, 2018

I was pleased and honored to be asked to contribute short stories to two major anthologies that will be published next year. The first, "Shadow Boxing With The Devil," will appear in a two-volume set honoring one of the great SF writers of all time, Richard Matheson. Short story number two, "The Monster At World's" End will appear in a two-volume set honoring pioneer SF writer, Joseph Campbell with the publication of a "lost " novel discovered by his estate. Stay tuned for publication dates.

IT'S HERE: STEN AND THE PIRATE QUEEN. In the typical Sten cliff-hanger ending of Sten And The Mutineers the beautiful and deadly Queen Venatora left our hero sitting at the bar of a spaceport saloon wondering what the clot had just happened when she suddenly appeared, hinted at a tantalizing future rendezvous, kissed him, then vanished.

Want a hint?

Here's the publisher's blurb says: With the Empire poised on the edge of war, Sten spearheads the Eternal Emperorís crackdown on the pirates and traitorous profiteers who are arming his enemies with vital war supplies. A trap is baited to lure the villains into a truel Ė a three-way duel. Only one thing stands in Stenís way: Venatora, the beautiful pirate queen heís grown to love. When it comes down to it, can he overcome loyalty and duty and pull the trigger?

Well, that wasn't a lot of help, was it?

Okay, I've got my rug spread out in the bazaar. My beggar's bowl is within handy reach. Now I have to go about the job of getting people to toss in enough coins to buy a stregg or three.

Winding up, now here comes my holiday gift pitch: A copy Pirate Queen would make an ideal present for your favorite Sten fan. Toss in a copy of Sten And The Mutineers, if they haven't read it yet.

Now if you really want to warm the cockles of your Sten fan's heart, buy the entire Sten collection and put that under the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa tree. Just click on the All Things Sten Page link and you'll find all ten novels, the two companion Sten books and the Sten audiobooks.

Sten, Alex and the gang join me in wishing you a merry holiday season and a happy 2019.